My encounter with Caycedian Sophrology begun 5 months ago, since then my existence has become much more delightful. At the time my daughter was only 6 months old and my relationship with her father frequently reached the brink. As I would often get into unjustified peaks of anger; "blow my top". This is when I knew that I needed help!


Today, not only my anger is appeased but my whole existence has become brighter. I am now able to experience every living moment more fully/intensely due to everything that I have felt and learned. I feel much calmer, serene and in peace. I appreciate much more the small ordinary things, which engender greater joy and achievement.           


All my personal/interpersonal bonds have also transformed into deeper more meaningful exchanges. Every interaction and encounter is more constructive. My family life with my baby, Pauline and my future husband, Stephane are a source of pure happiness.


My self confidence, which I totally lost a few years ago is beginning to surfaces once again. I learned to listen and to care about my bodily actions/reactions. And this kind of attention/concentration allows me to be in tune; in harmony with myself and with my surroundings, which feels great. By revealing my inner life I re-discover the joy and comfort of trusting myself. While I remain in close contact with my environment, I am able to follow my authentic needs, instead of constantly trying to please everyone else.


By reading this I hope that you too will be tempted to discover this wonderful practice with my Sophrologist; Helen. She’s exceptional/extraordinary, someone who I deeply admire with a lot of affection. 

My name is Leonie

I followed Sophrology sessions with Helen for around a year. My work has allowed me to see myself differently, to accept my physical handicap and to accord much less importance to the way that other people see me. Helen helped me to break down every negative pattern and to re-enforce my self esteem. Also by working in this way it has enabled me to reach a state of profound inner peace and to make the most of my life force on a daily basis. I am now leading a much happier and meaningful existence, which is so important to me and to my loved ones. Thank you Helen, I am forever grateful.

Hello my name is Cristo

Let me tell you what the Caycedian Sophrology has brought to me.
My testimonial won’t be a plethora of different positive aspects that the method can bring you, instead it will be based on my experience which you will soon discover (if you undertake sophrology sessions) is a mile stone in this method.

You see, in life there are many things I do and that I really enjoy at the moment I’m going through them, such as watching a nice film or eating a meal that I have just cooked with care... But once those moments have passed, the enjoyment progressively fades away. Since I have completed my first cycle in Caycedian Sophrology, I feel that I have accomplished something that I enjoy every single day and that doesn’t fade away.
It is something I can rely on in every situation as it isn’t an external event (like watching a film or eating that dish, remember...) but an inner work that I have done and that accompanies me in every circumstance.
The Caycedien Sophrology helps me every day to live the different experiences that cannot be changed, in the best way. In fact it has taught me to take action when ever I can make change; that is to say, the way I go through my experiences. This method also enables me to understand things happening around that I had never had a clue of before and has enhanced my communication skills; which are two paramount values that give me a much more peaceful existence.

To give a last example of how I feel as a Caycedian Sophrology disciple, I will return to embryology. From the moment I was created in the womb of my mother, I developed and acquired different organs, which put all together constitute the human being that I was when I saw my first day light. Well I feel that Caycedian Sophrology is the last step of this development, which has given me the light to fully take advantage of the path I am walking on day by day.

I know that no words will ever give you a clear idea of what Caycedian Sophrology can bring you; since this method has once more proven to me that it is through experience that we fully understand things.
So all I wish you as a reader is to take on the next step and have the curiosity and will to undertake and complete the first cycle. Trust me it will bring you a great deal, of that I am sure.
And I can’t recommend a better Master than Helen Ricco who has this site. She has all the qualities to help any person in need, such as patience, wisdom, consideration... But above all what makes her an outstanding Master is that she carries out her work with a constant love and care for the person she is helping.

I am Helen Ricco’s daughter, Sara

and I am so grateful to have decided to train with my mother, especially because of our particular story.
Before stating the difficulties we went through and how sophrology contributed to bring us back together, I would like to precise that never had I imagined taking up any such work, but now, I can honestly say; “I don’t know how my life would have turned out without it”.
In fact, this came about in a way, which makes me relate it to two major steps: My mum’s then mine.
Since I was a child, I always experienced a special, mutual closeness with my mum, but while growing up communication became increasingly difficult; always ending up in arguments with painful words, until we both gave up. I was not living at home at the time and remember how devastated I felt to have totally lost touch with the person who meant the most to me. We both felt that we did our utmost, yet there seemed no way of ever getting close to each other again.
After two years of silence, my mother who was attending Sophrology sessions found the courage to contact me again in a new way. I was very surprised, yet sceptical as I had never known this side of her before. I couldn’t believe that it was possible, but we actually begun to communicate!!! It took me about a year to switch off my warning signal and begin to appreciate my mother’s efforts and see her under a new light.
After observing a great change in my mother’s attitude, I started to feel so grateful because thanks to her efforts and willingness to make peace with her surroundings, she had now managed to show me what a beautiful person she really is. Still at this point, I didn’t consider following this course myself because I strongly believed that it was useless to me: I was now able to communicate with my mum, what more could I have possibly asked for?

Like every other person, I’ve had my share of worries and fears. I had moments in which coping with them was more difficult than others but then again I used to say:   « That’s the way life goes ». What I didn’t know is that we are not obliged to go through our experiences in only one (same) way. My mother used to try to explain this to me but I couldn’t understand what she meant until I finally decided to try taking up Sophrology myself.
Today, my way of perceiving everything is very different; I don’t feel that life is unfair to me all the time because I know that there is always an active participation from my behalf, as to how things will turn out..
Sophrology has allowed me to detect and become close to myself in a much more significant way; to understand my needs and limitations and to take responsibility for my every choice, which was not so obvious to me before.
My work also enabled me to improve all my relationships and overcome my greatest fears. Due to a past scary experience I suffered from being home on my own: I was afraid someone would break into my house while I was asleep. I never thought I would ever get over this. I went out of my way to avoid being alone at night, it became a real obsession! Today, not only I feel free from this but, I even appreciate being on my own. I feel that coming closer to myself is a healthy and necessary alternative, for my body and mind and contributes to my living in harmony with the rest of world.

Besides, I noticed a great difference in my romantic relationship, which feels very rewarding to me. I am now able to recognise everything that I put in our interactions, realise how I influence them. This awareness assists me in being more tolerant and making way for my boyfriend to vent his frustrations. And by remaining calm and understanding, it automatically leads to a constructive discussion (instead of an argument), which is necessary to the well being of our couple.

In a nutshell, I will say that Sophrology has enabled me to lead a much more fulfilling existence, free from conditioning patterns, ultimately closer to the reality, instead of existing through my representations.

I will never be able to find words

to express my gratitude to Helen. I’m Cecile and I have been working with Helen for 9 months, now. Sophrology has brought me so much that I don’t know where to start, but I have to contain myself and mention the things that are most important to me.

Helen has guided me onto a path of self discovery that has totally changed my existence. My marriage was falling apart, in fact I was sure that I wanted to divorce, that I would never find true happiness with my husband, but thanks to my work I was able to recreate a deep and wonderful relationship with my beloved. Now I realise what I would have lost, had I not started my sessions and I will never forget what Helen said to me in the very beginning: "What’s the rush? Give yourself some time, follow your sessions and if later you still want to divorce no one will stop you". I will never forget those words, because I would have never known the immense happiness that I am fully living now.

Helen is such a wonderful person, we all agree that she was made for this kind of work, gifted with outstanding skills, true compassion, wisdom and loving care, may God bless her and may the good she does come back to her always.

My testimonial may come as a surprise to Helen,

if that is ever possible!

Last year while I was visiting a friend in Nice, I had the pleasure of meeting Helen and she is absolutely amazing.

While we were blabbering on about every day matters she very dexterously shared one of her experiences with us and then in a matter of fact manner, begun saying: “It’s a shame that most people are unable to perceive….” When, I soon realized that she was describing my inner difficulties, the ones that have been on my mind for a very long time. I could tell that she knew that I was deeply touched, but didn’t prey, on the contrary she relieved me at the same time. I know this might sound impossible but, I don’t know how she does it.

I didn’t choose to open up there and then, but her words have often come back to me and helped me reconsider and cope with my problems, differently. She has definitely awakened something inside me. I know that if I lived in Nice or near by, I wouldn’t give a second thought, in taking sessions with her. She is truly incredible and perfectly discrete.

My heartfelt thanks to you Helen, you are indeed someone well worth meeting and listening to. 

Ann X


Before practicing in Sophrology, I had never realised that there was a constant flow of stress inside me, like a continual low humming sound. My wife often complained about me being neglectful, unfocused, and not fully present, especially about things that were important to her. We used to argue because, I didn’t agree I didn’t understand what she was expecting from me, and as far as I was concerned; I was fine!
After my first degree, I found out that behind my cool appearance, I was growing more and more anxious and engrossed into the eventual development of mundane things. By working with Helen I was able to obtain a clearer vision of what I was really doing; imagining possible unpleasant outcomes all the time, instead of remaining on the reality and enjoying the present moment. Then when I was asked to share my "Phenodescription" (explain what the first degree had brought me) I was dumbfounded to discover that my inner stress had disappeared. I just couldn’t believe it, it certainly beats me! I feel much better now, much more peaceful this way and so does my Mrs.
This lady knows what she’s talking about and always talks from her heart. Everyone in my group agrees that she is original and delicately guides us in finding out the truth, about our particular needs, in our own pace and way, congratulations Helen.


I would say that my work in Caycedian Sophrology has above all allowed me to acquire a better understanding of the way I function and to cope with it much more appropriately. Also it has supported me in creating some readjustments, which are of great value to me. Furthermore I now feel that I have gained more knowledge regarding human relationships in general.
I am able to channel my energy and feel a tremendous presence of life through the simplicity of my free breathing. Obviously all the above bring true harmony to my very soul.
Helen is a genuine Master, passionately committed to her work and very successful, I sincerely recommend her to everyone who is ready to make the greatest discoveries.

Infinitely thankful.


I discovered Caycedian sophrology last spring, as I started being in great distress again, after stopping the anti-depressant. I felt I was ready to live without any drug, but I was mistaken. I needed to work on my own body and soul to reach a stable well-being.
I had tried psychotherapy several times, but it had never worked and I had felt no comfort in that therapy.
Therefore, my doctor, who collaborates with Helen told me about Caycedian sophrology and gave me her phone number.
I had no idea what it consisted of, but I felt so bad, that I knew I needed to do something, although I had resumed the anti-depressant. The drug was very helpful, but in my inner being I felt that it was not the solution to my problems and to my depression.
My first session with Helen was a complete discovery and revelation. It was so different from psychotherapy. I was very anxious before that first session, but when I met Helen, I understood that all would be well, and along that first session, I felt more and more enthusiastic.
Caycedian sophrology accepts the human being with his/her qualities and defaults and he/she is given the means to understand their own and other peoples’ attitudes without any judgement.
The basic method (Fundamental Cycle) is made up of four degrees. As I am writing this testimonial, I have reached the middle of the second degree. I can already feel the benefits of it, because I am a lot more collected and more understanding, I can cope with difficult situations without losing my temper, and if I happen to stumble, I accept it as a normal human reaction. Perfection does not belong to this world.
I still have a long way ahead to reach the fourth degree, but I have noticed that my spirits are higher and more stable, even though I have taken the initiative to reduce my medication and plan to stop it soon. Helen has contributed to this, by showing me how to get in touch with myself on a deeper level, to recognise and understand my multiple genuine, needs and possibilities, always within my own rhythm and freedom. She never presses/interferes with my personal choices/decisions.
People around me have also noticed the changes that have taken place in me, and for the best, which I am very proud of.
I would say that Caycedian Sophrology is a philosophy of life, but most importantly, a rich accomplishment in complete serenity. By practising Dynamic Relaxation, it undeniably brings positive improvements to the body and mind; at least in my case I can say that the above statement is a certainty.

I must admit that I feel a true happiness, even during the time that I am driving towards Helen’s place to follow my sessions, because I know that I will keep discovering many more new possibilities and abilities.
Helen is a very deserving, admirable and humble individual. I could not have wished for a better Sophrologist, who is so talented in passing her great knowledge, philosophy and experience to her patients. I know that she has travelled a very similar path to mine, in her beginnings. And when I observe the wonderful person she has become, I can only thank God for having enabled me to encounter such a Great Human Being.

I am Christopher,

I have thought of many ways to describe what Sophrology has brought to me and the following is a heartfelt analogy gained from my experiences before and after being guided to Helen Ricco and Sophrology.
When we are born, we all have a pure conscious; pure, meaning; innocent, untainted and without additives.
At an early age we develop a rucksack on our backs that over time becomes filled with different objects. For some the objects are heavier than for others. Soon, with enough weight, we begin to experience pain from our burden. We all acknowledge the pain, but we don’t all understand where it’s coming from, some of us seek help.
In my case I began receiving counselling which helped me to trace back the cause of the pain, the build up of objects and even the main object that raised the alarm.

Did this remove the objects and relieve the pain though?

For me, it helped to carry the rucksack for a while, but the pain did eventually return. Just a bit heavier though.

What can we do to begin to remove the objects and lighten the load?

We must seek to find the purity of our early unspoilt years. Something ’pure’ has nothing added. We need to experience nothingness, silence. We must become harmonious with the being that entered this world, with what we possessed, then; our breath, our blood flow, our heartbeat, our life force…
With enough practice we remove judgements, have less anger, gain understanding and balance. We learn to become more forgiving and loving towards others as we recognise them as also being once pure.
When we grow old our body slows and has more limitations. Many an old person would claim ’I’m not as quick as I used to be!’ In fact we are as slow as we used to be in early life. Naturally we grow faster before we slow down again. Maybe this slowing down is a further design to be closer to stillness, to come to know who we are before our bow.

I believe, we could all do with slowing down a little huh?
Sophrology offered me this solution and the ability to even write in this way.
To Helen Ricco I am eternally grateful for this. The first thing that struck me was how soothing her voice was, particularly when I needed to be soothed. In fact her gift was; knowing what was needed and when. She could tell by my voice and body what my words were really saying, and not the words themselves. Even when during a session my input was rather hurried and without thought due to tiredness, she made me aware of it without judgement or addressing my input directly. She simply offered an alternative view. A view she knew I possessed. It was almost as if there was nowhere to hide.
But I can’t imagine who would want to hide from Helen Ricco. By knowing her I now know myself better and love myself more.
I love her for this and thank God for bringing us together and giving her the light to guide me on my path.