Caycedian Sophrology®

Helen and Dr. Caycedo


The neologism of Sophrology comes from Greek roots:

  • Sos : Harmony
  • Phren :  Balance
  • Logos : Science/knowledge.

→ meaning the science that studies the consciousness in harmony and balance.

About the Founder

Professor Alfonso Caycedo, a Colombian; Neurologist, Psychiatrist and Phenomenologist is the founder of Sophrology. He called it “CAYCEDIAN” Sophrology so as to distinguish it from all other, so called Sophrologies.
This brilliant Prof. has devoted his entire life time in research, always in pursue of the best ways to assist mankind. Unsatisfied by standard procedures/treatments, he decided to travel to the Orient for further investigation. His intention was to find a way to rapidly improve mental/physical health with lasting results. He spent many years working with the most renowned masters in Yoga, Tummo and Zen. And in 1960 he created C.Sophrology®, which he also called the daughter of medicine.

The Method

This fascinating method is therefore infinitely rich, combined with the essential (medical & other) techniques from the East and West. It is a world wide recognized and approved human science, patented in the OMPI (The World Intellectual Property Organization) in Geneva, by the Prof. Caycedo.