About the sessions

How sessions are carried out:

Below is a simplified description on how and why sessions work, in a non judgemental and confidential manner.

Caycedian Sophrology® sessions are not conducted in the same way as psychology or counselling sessions, where the client spends most of their time describing their difficulties. By using phenomenology we guide and teach people to progressively reduce every context into what is essential for their personal growth. Our way of working does not involve visualization hypnosis or any other techniques, which could modify our state of consciousness. We constantly work on a conscious reality and in the here and now.

We always begin with a specifically designed verbal exchange between the Sophrologist and the client/s. This allows us to rapidly create a “Sophronic Alliance” in which we not only highlight key issues for the client, but simultaneously brings us both/all on the same level.

Then the Sophrologist announces the pre-Sophronic dialogue, (announces the protocol) which is mainly based on the distinct natural movements that follow, called the: “Dynamic Relaxation”. These simple, yet specifically designed movements; enable each person, in their’ own time and way to experience certain sensations which lead to a deeper understanding of their’ particular functions, their veritable needs, possibilities and limitations. Repeated practice, allows clients to naturally get closer and recognize who they really are and to free themselves of conditioning or detrimental patterns.

When this is completed the client is given a few minutes (in silence) to write down, what we call our “Vivencial Description”.  Vivencial, meaning our living experience, based on a tangible reality and not one felt through our representations.

Finally this Vivencial description is expressed without interruption, which allows the Sophrologist to give a feed back, by using the phenomenology of life and all her professional skills.
This takes approximately one and a half hours for individual work and two, when in a group.

One to one sessions / group sessions

The Sophrologist proposes one to one sessions and group sessions.


One to one session

Goup session (around 6 people)


one and a half hours

two hours


50 Euros

25 Euros per head

Organisation for groups:

  • Every year session begin in October & last until June.
  • Every 10 weeks new groups are formed (So if you wish to join a group, you may be asked to wait a few weeks).
  • Practice is carried out between 19h.30-21h.30.

Terms and conditions:

  • To join a group you will need to enrol  for 10 sessions at a time
  • These sessions are payable in advance and will not be refunded unless there is proof of a majeure problem.

Free consultation:

One free consultation is offered to every person/s who would like to know more about this practice before they enrol.