Helen Ricco - Master specialist in Caycedian Sophrology®

Of multilingual and multicultural background
  • Of Greek Cypriot origin, British Nationality (grew up in London)
  • Living in France for 30 years
  • Married to an Italian and mother of 3 children.
  • Completed theory and practice in Caycedian Sophrology® at the  “Ecole supérieure de Sophrologie” in  Nice (France).
  • Taught and trained by the best Doctors, Psychologists, Phenomenologists Philosophers and Sophrologists in the field: Patricia Cora, Martine Lemoine and the late Dr.Michel Guerry
  • Took up extended phenomenology lessons with Dr Guerry, maintaines regular assistance in seminars, conferences (CEPHEM & CUM), workshops, and the Café Pheno, in Nice. 
  • Training course: theory and practice with Professor Caycedo and his daughter, Dr. Natalia Caycedo in Andorra.
  • Obtained her MASTERS « Specialist in Caycedian Sophrology®»
  • Member of the International foundation Alfonso Caycedo and Worldwide federation of Caycedian Sophrology®.

“Phénodescription” of the Sophrologist
a description based on living phenomena leading to tranformation

I did not set off to become a Sophrologist, in fact I did not believe that I was capable of such a thing. I discovered Caycedian Sophrology® at a time when I was seriously asking myself: “If this is what living is all about, is it worth continuing”?

Since I was a child, I felt that I was in constant combat for the continuity of my existence often had to face the cruellest and most difficult things life had to offer, 'til I ended up feeling exhausted, inadequate and totally let down. Until I decided to give a try to C.Sophrology®, thinking I had nothing more to lose. But, today I will say that it’s the best thing that I have ever done.

It has literally transformed my existence in the most awesome way. It has enabled me to turn my existence around; to use my energy, sensitivity and potentials most positively in every area; to get in touch with my inner self and live my presence fully, as a whole and dignified human being. Also it gave me the means to communicate much more clearly and successfully with my surroundings and here I have just mentioned a couple of changes that are important to me, but there are many more.

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This is what inspired me to follow this course which would in turn enable me to guide many others on this eternally thriving path of enlightenment. And I feel so happy to be able to say that I have achieved my aim, in doing so for many people already, hence filling my heart and soul with an indescribable bliss.

Dr Michel Guerry Dr Natalia Caycedo