Regular gatherings

C.Sophrology ® touches the heart…Truly brings us all together on equal grounds.

Café Pheno

The café Pheno, which take place once a month in the evening, (from 19.h00- 21.h00) in French. They offer the ability to address common, every day themes from a different perspective; by using phenomenology. And the opportunities for every person present to participate without judgement. They allow a deeper and truer human exchange.

Work Shops

Work shops are held regularly in English, always on a Sunday, which makes it easier for clients to attend. They begin at 10.00h and last until 18.00h. Obviously with a few breaks.
Assisting the work shops, will not only give you a good idea of what this kind of work is all about, but it will also help you find your bearings. In one day, you will give yourself the opportunity to discover the efficiency of this method and if it corresponds to your needs. You will also be interacting and exchanging your experiences and findings with others who are sharing the same interests as you.
In these work shops you are not required to speak about yourself in detail. In fact you will be guided in condensing/reducing (by using phenomenology) and getting straight to the point; to what is essential for you. You will however be given valuable feedback.

They are extremely rich, for new members, for clients who are in the course of training and even for people who have completed their work and wish to re establish this privileged and authentic interactive alliance.
The price for the whole day, costs 100 Euro (including refreshments). For lunch you will be asked to bring either a packed lunch or something that you can warm up in a microwave.
Please contact me for more details, but places are limited.