Frequently Asked Questions

Why is C.Sophrology® so successful?

I’m sure that you will all agree that the best way to learn something is through hands on experience. We humans are able to learn many things throughout our lifespan and in numerous different ways, such as through:

  • Observing/watching
  • Listening/hearing
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Moving
  • Touching
  • Tasting
  • Smelling
  • Feeling
  • Perceiving

What would our chances of learning something new, be if we could use all these capacities, together, in doing so? This is precisely what Caycedian Sophrology® offers and why it has proven to be one of the most complete and competent practices, to mankind. We also all know that it is much easier to learn something, than it is to unlearn and this is why our way of training has to be punctual; at least once a week. It works wonders for every person who truly wishes to live consciously and in the best of their ability, by using all their potentials and not a bare minimum of them.

All that will be required of you is to take your sessions seriously, to make up time for yourself and I will guide you into personal/interpersonal discovery that will allow you to make the best of your existence on all levels. C.Sophrology® is not a trend and will not work for you if you consider it as such; it is designed for the people who really care. Therefore, please don’t waste time, yours and mine, unless you are really interested and feel ready to move forward.

Why take up C.Sophrology®?

C.Sophrology® is a natural, powerful and rapid way for you, to reach lasting accomplishment in every area. What ever you’re concerns may be, if you feel that it is time for you to make sense of you’re existence and to make the most of it, C.Sophrology® can give you the answers that are important for you’re discovery and development.

It is skillfully designed to suite every individual’s needs and sessions can be carried out at any age regardless of religious beliefs, social status and intellectual abilities.
If you are feeling:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Stressed
  • Worthless/depressed
  • Ineffective
  • Hurt/disappointed
  • Fear/Phobia
  • Physically ill without medical explanation
  • Bereavement
  • Preparing for parenthood/exams or surgery
  • Simply wish to communicate more successfully with you’re surroundings
  •  Experiencing difficulties of any kind and sincerely like to make a significant change, this is the answer to you’re quest. You will be guided into developing the means that will transform your existence on a long term basis and in a way that will fulfill your needs.

You may even be someone who doesn’t consider yourself to have any specific issues, yet still feel unsatisfied, as if there is something you are lacking, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. This method is able to provide you with the most revealing answers. 

How you can benefit from C.Sophrology®?

By practicing C.Sophrology® you will discover your veritable motivations and capacities and much, more…Evidence shows that C.Sophrology® stimulates you’re immune system, prevents diseases and contributes massively to protecting/healing the body/mind, improves memory, performance and sleeping cycles. In every case it assures a much happier and fulfilled life style giving a deeper understanding of what it’s really all about and how you can make everything become a lot more appropriate for your own particular needs.

What makes you feel that you are truly heard and cared for?

When intending to become a Caycedian Sophrologist, we do not directly receive our professional knowledge. We are required to follow our training sessions as a patient, before given the tools which enable us to practice.
The method continually demands that we use phenomenology; do our own reductions, (before helping other people to do so) which means that we learn to put every contents into brackets, in order to find/reach what is essential or what lies beyond appearances. This is also what leads us in obtaining what we call the “New Look” or the “Look of the very first time”, such as; when we contemplate something that is already known to us, something that we have seen for many times before, we learn to do so without judgements, expectations or preconceptions.
An analogy for this would be, if we take an empty container and fill it up with material we leave no place, hence no possibility to add anything to its content. But, if we empty at least part of it we make way to add something new.
Over time our brain becomes a restless filled container, which we overwork by keeping it busy for 24 hours a day. Therefore as we go along in our training we create moments (which increase in their’ duration) in which we remove and set aside more and more content; through meditation. This leaves the space for new experiences, not only to be lived otherwise during the session but to be repeated in our daily existence. With regular practice we continually and successfully integrate our new living experiences, creating reinforcement by knowing that we are capable to repeat them every time that we wish to do so. We begin to trust our selves by dis-covering (un-cover) our capacities (before we can lead others in doing so).

Above I have only partly explained one (among many) of the techniques that belong to the method. However, it is a very special one, because it gives us the ability to dismantle our interior difficulties/problems/confusions and focus completely on one thing at a time (also developing the capacity to create total stillness) making things much clearer also finding faster and more efficient and lasting solutions. And by functioning in this way we realise that we can do so whenever we choose to and in every situation.

This means that later when we are working with our clients we are able to give them our full undivided attention, in the here and now. This implies that while we are taking people into account we are not thinking of anything else, (but them) such as what we have to do after the session, how we felt yesterday or what we will have for dinner that evening etc… And this makes all the difference to the quality of our work.